360 Product Photography

Why 360º product photos for your eshop?

If you run an e-shop, adding 360º rotating images to your product pages is an option worth considering.

These images give prospective buyers complete control over manually projecting and rotating the product image 360º degrees and seeing every detail from all sides.

Advantages of 360º images

  • It is the modern trend and will make your eshop stand out from the competition,
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • They reduce returns.
  • They increase conversions.
  • They improve the presentation of the product.
  • They boost buyer confidence.

    How 360º images are made

    The 360º images are the result of a series of consecutive photos of the product, which compose in a continuous movement relevant code in your eshop (HTML5 or PHP), thus providing the possibility of interaction with the user.

    In addition, every product photographed in 360º is delivered in animated GIF, which can be used for promotion on social media, on web sites, in advertising campaigns by email, etc.

    It would be good to consult your eshop technician, in order to inform you about the possibility and the way in which you can use the 360º images in the product pages.


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