On Site Product Photography for
Advertising – Social Media

The photo shoot takes place outside the studio in an outdoor area on the street, in a square or park, in a shop (cafe, restaurant, etc.), it can be done in a guest house-hotel, in a beach bar (swimwear), etc.

In collaboration we will find the space that will be suitable for the products we will photograph, in order to achieve the most impressive result for your advertising campaign.

In addition to photography, there is also the possibility to create short video clips, adapted specifically for promotion through social media and to enrich your advertising campaign even more.

The choice of model, Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist follow the same logic as the photography in the studio, but the last 2 acquire special importance in the specific type of photography.

From all the photos that will be taken, selection will be made in cooperation with you and the photos will be delivered in dimensions and formats suitable for their display on Social Media (Stories & feed) and for any other advertising campaign you are planning.

Finally, we recommend that you have someone of your own staff for the final styling of the clothes on the model but also as an assistant in the process of dressing.

Photo hoot cost

The cost of an On Site photo shoot is calculated per hour and varies depending on the particular conditions of the space, whether videotaping will be done at the same time and other factors. Indicatively, it could range from 50-200€/hour.

Model cost

The cost for the model depends mainly on its experience and the type of photography. It ranges from 10-30 € per hour and is in addition to the photo shoot cost.

Makeup & Hairstyling cost

The cost depends on the changes that will be needed and the total time of employment and can range somewhere between 40-80 € and is in addition to the photo shoot cost.

Do you need commercial photography?

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