Product Video for Eshop & Social Media

Product Video for clothing

The new trend in eshop and in the promotion of products on social media.

Specially designed to display on social media feed & story but also on the product page of your eshop.

The quality and resolution of the video is such that it ensures the small file size, for fast loading in the browser, without affecting the quality of the video.

You can choose to produce only video for your products or a combination of photography and video production, ensuring even greater savings.

The production of video product can be done only in our studio.

Product Video for shoes

As in clothing, so in the shoe the best way to show your product is in its “natural space” worn and in motion.

Video cost

Indicatively from 5 € / clothing (excluding VAT). For combination and with photography, ask us for the price.

Model cost

The cost for the model depends mainly on its experience and the type of photography. It ranges from 10-30 € per hour and is in addition to the photo shoot cost.

Do you need commercial photography?

Fill in your details below and we will contact you to plan the photography of your products together.

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