There are no “mandatory” packages that you have to choose from. Our philosophy is to provide services and deliverables so that you can choose the ones that meet your needs and preferences and thus we build together your own personal package. Of course, on the Wedding and Baptism page of our website, you will find some indicative packages of services & deliverables, which experience has shown to be preferred by couples. Take a look at both our comprehensive and rich in deliverables & services proposals, as well as the most economical options. In any case, we will design together your ideal cover package for the wedding or christening.


We are willing to offer our services anywhere in Greece and beyond. We point out, however, that for the provision of services outside the prefecture of Larissa there will be an additional charge, which will be explained to you in detail in person.

Every event is different and has its own dynamics. So, there is no “ceiling” on the number of photos we will take at your wedding or christening. In a baptism where only the sacrament is covered, 400 photos can be taken. A wedding that is covered early on with the preparation of the bride and groom with next day photography, etc., can reach over 1000 photos! Rest assured that your event will be fully covered in every aspect.

Upon payment of the service package, you will receive the photos of your wedding or christening, as described in the terms of cooperation accompanying our offer.

Please note that KP Photography Cinematography fully retains the copyright and copyright on the photos and videos it produces for any form of use, as defined by the relevant legislation. The reproduction and publication of photos and videos in print, websites, social networks (facebook, instagram, etc.) and in any other print or electronic media, for the purpose of advertising and promotion of third parties is prohibited without the relevant permission of KP Photography. The couple is granted the right to reproduce and print the photos for private use as well as publish them on their personal accounts (including the personal accounts of relatives and friends) on social media.

For any clarification contact us.

DVD as a video playback medium has over 20 years of history and in today’s era of high digital resolution, it has started to close and in our opinion has closed its life cycle and supply. Today all new TVs support at least Full HD (1920x1080pixel) resolution and have a media player for playing video files and more. Aiming to produce the best possible image and sound quality, our studio exclusively uses high resolution Full HD and 4K digital cameras, producing a final result that the 720×576 pixel resolution of DVD is impossible to reproduce. Therefore, the customer loses the real value of the product he has purchased. Finally, the substantial freezing of any form of development and renewal of this technology and its media has the result that while the DVDs delivered by our studio work normally on our media (players and computers), many of our customers they face playback problems due to old devices, incompatibility, etc.

However, if you wish, our studio can produce, for an additional small cost, a copy of your wedding or baptism in DVD format, which will be checked on our own devices and computers for correct operation, but we cannot guarantee the correct operation on other devices as well as for the lifespan of the DVD.

For any clarification and information contact us.

Depending on the season of your event and the workload of our studio, it will take approximately 20-30 working days to sort and edit the photos, edit and edit the video and prepare the 1st review-review of album. Events with fewer services usually have shorter implementation times.

No, album selection is purely your personal decision. You can choose to order your album in a second time, whenever it is convenient for you. Here, however, we would like to point out that the acquisition of the albums as a “package of services” is subject to a discount in relation to their subsequent acquisition.